Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rogue Imperial YSB

This was a summer afternoon experience following the Quad Cities Bix 7 race. Was on sale at Hy-vee for 9.99 in a beautiful ceramic bottle with the wire pull top capping system.

Appearance: Snifter poured. Rubied red with a firm off white head that didn't sustain.
Aroma: Hints of Orange and other indistinct fruity esters with an accompaniment of sun-dried raisins and grapefruit zest followed by a bold caramel backbone
Taste: First reaction was to the overwhelming bitterness, nevertheless by 4th or 5th sip the dates and raisin sweetness started to strengthen and the bitterness mellow. Sweet malty pre-fermented wort flavors precede the grassy bitterness. Mixed in are roasted undertones and a dry biscuit sweetness that in fact begin to dominate the finished taste as the drink progresses.
Mouthfeel: Small prickles of carbonation help bring this beer to its full complex potential, exposing a light array of fruity and toasted flavors. Mouthfeel is smooth and creamy and the body is thick with medium tackiness.
Overall Impression: This beer develops extremely well and has a delicious session attitude to it. Throughout the taste, what started as bitter turned into a delectably sweet, yet balanced choco-roasted maltiness with a dry fruitiness to it. A great sipper.


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