Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock

Jen picked this one up. It came in a 4 pack containing a bottle with a label that didn't belong. It's apparently the same beer with just a different picture. Anyways I tried this following our Tuesday workout of repeats on the track.

Appearance: A hazed brown color with a tint of red. Tan foamed head worth 1/2 a finger. Thick lacing on the glass. Transparency is almost zero, yet not as dark and turbid as a stout.
Aroma: Strong melted caramel and coffee dominate the aroma of this beer. There are hints of wood and nuts, but the roasted malt smell is most apparent.
Taste: Separate from the smell, the flavor immediately reveals a rich touch of licorice and tobacco. To accompany these sweet flavors, there are also subtle undertones of molasses and maple flavor that reveal themselves midway down the throat. Combined these flavors meld themselves into somewhat of a caramel mocha roasted malt taste that is predominantly sweet. There isn’t much bitterness in this one, just a unique bittersweet aftertaste, perhaps from the grain hulls and tannins from various adjuncts. Finishes spicy with a little bit of a booziness to it. By the end, chocolate begins to make an appearance as another of the forefront flavors.
Mouthfeel: Incredibly smooth and frothy. The pinnacle of cream sensation. Yet is still gives a slight tingle on the tongue. Body is thick, but feels light between the tongue and cheek. The texture is velvety soft.
Overall Impression: And interesting lager that can and does combine a wealth of interrelated flavors to create a uniquely palatable beer that definitely falls in the dessert category.


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