Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kerberos Tripel

Thanks Jeff Rice (My Stepfather) for getting me this about 5 months ago. It was part of the Canis Major 4 pack of Flying Dog specials. Pretty rare, I haven't found these anywhere else. Jen and I split the 12 Oz bottle last night for a session tasting, and that it was. The others will be put up soon.

Appearance: A soft golden straw color. Uniformly hazy with a strong visible carbonation. There wasn't any head to this, but very bubbly.
Aroma:  This beer exhibited a rich effervescent profile of fruit and yeast with a sourdough bread-like toasted sweetness. The aromatics were reminiscent of Dogfish Heads Aprihop or Magic Hat #9 and therefore revealed a great apricot Ester smell.
Taste: Very boozy upon first taste. This is similar to my Mead (I've been aging for six months) with a somewhat medicinal citric acid tartness. Wheat malts make themselves very apparent with light toasted notes and wheat like citrus. The beer has a subtle straw taste combined with honey undertones. The yeast provide much of the characteristic of this beer, of Belgian origin with a high gravity tolerance. The hops in this beer make it seem lagered and crispy at the finish. Hallertau or Saaz? Malt is lighter and delicate. As the beer continues, the hot finish dissipates, revealing a mellow, but more apparent bouquet of floral fruit flavors.
Mouthfeel: The texture and body of this beer are light. Carbonation is strong, giving a zip on the tongue as the alcohol gives its final word to a crisp and refreshing end. Both delicate and forgiving. Slight dry end, but more associated with an invigorating cleanliness at the end.
Overall Impression: Definitely a session ale to be formally enjoyed whenever one can find it. But by mid glass you want infinite amounts of it because its so drinkable. Definitely something different from the usual IPA and Stouts.


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