Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Butte Porter

Tasted following my Microbiology Lab practical. Thanks to my mom for bringing this all the way back from her 45 hour train ride to and from Seattle. Pint poured.

Appearance: Extremely dark with a tan foamed head worth half a finger. Poured thick. When held to the light, minimal transparency reaveals itself with a dark reddish brown color
Aroma: Coffee smell with a smooth velvety chocolate aroma to back it up. Mild roasted barley and other adjuncts. I sense a bit of bozziness as well. With a complementary licorice profile at the nose.
Taste: And it was just that. I tasted licorice immediately making it the initial flavor to make a first impression. Following this up is coffee bitterness which becomes more pronounced as the palate adapts to the beer. It still exhibits licorice with undertones of tobacco and even some maple notes. Gradually, caramel and roasted malts emerge giving this beer a wealthy sweetness. The finish reveals perhaps what traditional porters would have. Somewhat of a soured taste (in this case from the dark malts) from stale brown ale mixed with fresh brewed dark beer. Though I'm certainly not saying this is the way THIS beer was made.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel is fluid and drinkable with medium carbonation. The beer gives some tackiness as well. Body is on the heavier side.
Overall Impression: I'm gradually becoming fond of these flavors. The licorice/tobacco and coffee are growing on me. This ale is certainly a complex beer with a wide range of adjunct grain additions.

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