Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2° Below Ale

Picked up a six pack a few weeks ago and basically devoured it. This beer epitomizes the potential of liberty hops when used properly.

Appearance: Clear and golden amber with a strong foamy two finger head. Completely transparent. Carbonation looks to be at a minimum.
Aroma: Whoa, so this is what liberty hops smell like? I love them. Smell emits a generous bouquet of floral fruit aroma from the simple, yet complex hop smell.
Taste: Delectable caramel/toffee malt character with a generous toasted sweetness to carry through the bitterness in complete equilibrium. The beer finishes extremely clean and crisp, almost reminiscent of a lager. Alcohol passes the palate almost unnoticed.
Mouthfeel: Thick with a lighter body. There is no tackiness on the lips. Ends clean and crisp. Drinkability is hard for the individual to control. Absolutely refreshing.
Overall Impression: Floral bitterness and the lighter crisper body are a new combination that I'm not used to. This beer is incredibly complex and perfectly balanced between malt and hop profiles. Who said a larger, popular brewery can't make spectacular beer? Pick it up for $8.99.


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