Thursday, November 11, 2010

Southern Tier Pale Ale

Thanks to my Parents who got me an assortment 6 pack from a store in Galena. I had previously tried this a while back and did so again following a long run last night.

Appearance: Yellow straw color with a sticky foamy head that clings to the side of the glass. Head sustains its shape even when glass is tilted. Visible carbonation through the transparent liquid.
Aroma: Strong grassy and plant like aroma with brief touches of fruit and citrus. Fruity esters are noted mid way through, but still very minimal.
Taste: Resembles a multitude of plant like flavors right at the tip of the tongue. Overwhelmingly hopped for a basic Pale ale. I can tell I would have easily hated this not even 5 months ago. Delicious malt sweetness tops off the alpha acids which mingle well together. The beer gradually takes on more acceptable flavors the deeper one progresses into it and the more accommodating the palate becomes to the surprising hop flavors. Cascade, Tettnang, Willamette hops perhaps? Definitely a complexity to the bitterness alone. Finally towards the end grapefruit zest emerges which makes me thing Simcoe?
Mouthfeel: Delicate texture helps propel this velvety smooth beer to a crisp finish.
Overall Impression: A complex pale ale, but still missing something. Certainly worth a try though.


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