Monday, November 1, 2010

Sierra Nevada 2010 Celebration Ale

Tried this last night with the courtesy of the Quad-City's MUGZ homebrew club meeting at Great River. It was a blast, Jen and I brought our SPCS and dry-hopped IPA, while everyone else brought a range of different ales and lagers. The SPCS went fast and people thought it was intriguingly tasty. I especially liked the Rye stout and one of the APA's (there were over 25 different homebrews to try). We met a lot of cool and interesting people. They even had food and a cider demonstration (We missed it though due to arriving late). This one caught my eye immediately. Thanks to the one who sacrificed it to the number of ravenous beer enthusiasts who devoured it.

Appearance: Poured in a plastic tasting cup. Strong dark golden amber color with a rubied hue with a visible carbonation. Head was ridiculously robust and sustained. Laces Beautifully. Transparency is quite clear, nevertheless giving the appeal of a rich flavorful ale...Total eye candy.
Aroma: Delicately floral with a combination of  spice and citrus. I find a potent note of sweet pine and freshly mowed grass followed by a dark fruit overtone. Extremely aromatic and complex. I can definitely say there are Amarillo hops in this one!
Taste: The fresh hop profile really stands out. Initially it is somewhat leafy, but quickly graduates into a bouquet of delicate hop complexity. I note subtle sensations of grapefruit zest, and other citrus notes, as well as low raisin and dark fruit flavors with a combination of pine and floral notes. Extremely complex and balanced when the sweetness hits. Interestingly the malt sweetness melds amazingly well with the hop character. I find caramel and toasted biscuit malt hitting the palate slightly between the bittering flavors but more dominantly afterwards.
Mouthfeel: Slightly resinous and tacky, but the texture is rich with a hardy cream-like feeling. The body is lighter than I would have expected. It finishes dry from the large amount of hop flavors and alcohol.
Overall Impression: Hops are definitely the show-man in this one, but harmonious interaction of biscuit and caramel malts help reinforce the delicious alpha acid profile. Overall this beer is delectably drinkable, even after tasting several others before-hand. Amazing complement between herbaceous and fruit-like bitterness which ultimately results in an entirely balanced and overwhelmingly complicated ale. If you see it, buy them up, as I'm sure even at an aged status, this ale maintains or even improves it's character.


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