Sunday, October 31, 2010

Horn Dog Barley Wine

Tried this in a micro-snifter with Jen the night before the Conference race (aka my last XC race of college), while watching Friday. I'll credit this for doing so well.

Appearance: Coppered amber color with touches of deep varnished red. A clean white/beige bubbly head. Entirely turbid, yet still maintaining a visible carbonation.
Aroma: Very phenolic to the nose with a bit of spiciness at the nose. Banana is prominent with a pepper finishing overtone.
Taste: The taste is even more phenolic with the complementary assistance, if not encouraging alcohol finish. Banana and dried fruit vapors leave the mouth dry. Gradually, I start to discover the aftertaste reveals much more of the barley malt that was used to produce this behemoth. I notice caramel and toasted bread with a bit of chocolaty bitterness. Banana esters become more apparent towards the end of the tasting. Hop profile is quite grassy.
Mouthfeel: Heavy and body is robust and reminiscent of thick malt syrup. Carbonation melds into the boozy finish.
Overall Impression: This reminds me of an imperial IPA I brewed this summer that I wasn't really a fan of, and this tells why. It was more like a barley wine! I'm still awkward with barley wines. It's still a flavor my palate is infrequently exposed to. Therefore I cannot provide accurate grading against very few I have had. Nevertheless if you like big boozy beers, this is it!


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