Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brewery Review: Three Floyds Brewery - Munster, IN

This trip was made as a Birthday present from my Stepfather. Will Reno tagged along as well, we made it on a Sunday night in early November. The time it takes to get out there from the North shore is about an hour exactly, so there will probably be a couple more visits/updates to this post. I did end up purchasing 4 six packs of: Robert the Bruce, Pride and Joy, Alpha King and Gumball Head. These will be logged very soon.
Anyway, the list of fantastic beer I was able to try goes as follows (each was tasted as part of their sampler flight, or of the courtesy tastings from our waiter):
Note: Color may be influenced by the darkness of brewpub.
Robert the Bruce: Brown/Bronzed red with creamy head. Clear except for darkening color. Malty and rich caramel. Preposterously sweet and malty with toasted aromatics. Biscuit flavor transforms into a burnt finish. Slight roasted flavor.
Pride & Joy - Lighter clear amber color. Minimal Head. Aroma is grassy and herbaceous. Citrus hops make their appearance, and over stays. Very hoppy with minimal malt character. High carbonation.
Dreadnaught - Transparent gold. Dissipating head. Sweet orange zest aroma. Alcohol taste is matched by the 100 IBU’s this beer boasts. Grapefruit and delicately sweetened, complemented with pineapple and other tropical hop fruit flavors
Alpha King - Darker amber. Slight biscuit aroma with a paralleled dark fruit/hop smell. Sweet candied caramel sweetness with a fruity/tart profile added by the hops. Biscuit sweetness permeates by way of carbonation that bite the tongue .
Hell’s Black Intelligencer - Black to the name. Aroma is burnt and roasted reminiscent of coffee, but mostly chocolate. Smooth texture, while mouthfeel is creamy with a short lived, almost non-existent head. Potent mocha flavor.
Sand Pebbles - Darker copper with foamed ring. Clarity would still be an 8/10. Sweet malty aroma. Taste is typical and malty sweet. Finishes semi-sweet with a perfect balance between sweet and bitter.  A perfect go-to amber…with hops!
The Creeper - Black with limited foamed ring. Especially smooth with an ironic chocolate/caramel flavor. Complex but interesting. Otherwise, “No words [Can] describe this beer”
Arctic Panzer Wolf - (Snifter poured) Cloudy straw color with minimal ringed head. Aroma is choked full of pineapple orange juice (literally!) and other tropical fruitiness. Bitterness is so much it is near spicy to the palate. Sweet pale base malt with the hops making the beer the beer it is. Alcohol  goes almost unnoticed by the authoritarian bitterness (Sold in bombers….get one!)
The Brewery is located in the back of a warehouse/industrial district right off the highway. Similar to Two brothers in location, the thematic inside is far different. Reminiscent of an 80's persona, complete with even the 80's music, this dark lit brewpub maintains a relaxing atmosphere with early 90's and 80's references to the past, as well as commemorative references to other breweries like Dogfish Head and Flying Dog. There are colorful flags on the ceiling. I personally thought the brewpub reminded me of a tattoo parlor. The Food menu was minimal (but who was actually there for the food), but in all actuality, they do make one of the best pizza's I've had ( I got the veggie). Against the back wall they have a window that allows people to view their extensive warehouse and brewery. The waiter was great, I told him I was a blogger and he allowed me to try the rest of the beers on the menu (except Gumball Head because I had already tried it on several occasions). Overall the brewpub was an interesting, but oddly relaxing experience. Without the drive, I would surely be back every weekend. Three Floyds introduces beers often, and this is the place to go to give your input about what will be the next fantastic ale out on the shelves. Not everything is available on their website, but there are beers available at the pub that aren't on their site.
You can purchase any of the 4 six pack's that I did, along with BrooDoo, Dreadnaught, and Arctic Panzer.
Oh and by the way, the beer is absolutely phenomenal.
Check them out:

Brewery Experience: 46/50

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  1. Wow. This sounds really great! Maybe we can go over Christmas. I don't think I've had any of these beers before. The AlphaKing and the Dreadnaught sound especially good.