Thursday, November 25, 2010

Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale

Thank goes to Justen Parris for buying me this one last Thursday night at Ribco.

Appearance: Rich dark red color with a touch of amber as it is held up to the light. There is minimal head, that started large but immediately dissipated. The darkness of this beer made transparency minimal, but some clarity remains. The consistency of this beer looks to be very thick and full bodied.
Aroma: Amazingly potent in estery profile with robust notes of cherries and distinguishable chocolate malt. Specifically it is the rich grain roasted malt that takes a foundational status among the layers of flavor.
Taste: There is sweet dried fruit to taste reminiscent of mellow grapes without the tartness. There is a flavor in here that reminds me of an Organic Australian Wine I picked up in Hunter Valley that maintained a chocolate grape-ness to it. I also find plum fruit and cane sugar that makes for a drying taste in the back of the throat. The roasted malt gives an impression of molasses that mingles well into the sweetness. Finally the Chocolate and cherries mentioned in the aroma is consistent throughout, especially in the midtaste.
Mouthfeel:  Alcohol makes for a drying sensation in the aftertaste, almost port like in character. Full bodied and moderate to high carbonation. Sticky finish that merges with a dry mouth. Warming fruit diacetyl characteristics.
Overall Impression: A fantastic sipper. This is a beer that could certainly get me into understanding and appreciating the Belgian side of beer. One of the best Belgians I've had.



  1. Tasted this with and following a spectacular dinner of Dominos pizza haha. Got this in the 750 mL bottle and finished it all. Served in a tall Weizen glass.

    Appearance: Poured fairly vigorously to produce a large head. Initially without the light behind it this took on somewhat of a brown, maple syrup hue but when held up to the light the color was revealed to be ruby/amber red with a soft brown tint to it. Head was light caramel and dissipated fairly quickly.

    Aroma: Still working on this area of my reviewing but I found that moving outside to the hotter, more humid air opened my senses greatly compared to the air conditioned room. My initial smell was of the alcohol content which caused me to look for the ABV %. As I tasted and smelled I got the aroma of the chocolate malt, similar to when we brewed our stout before you left. Outside I got a sweeter aroma consistent with red grapes that I was excited about.

    Taste: Woah alcohol finish. Pizza made the alcohol come through much better. Got the taste of the sweet background that the chocolate malt brought. Don't have a lot to say here unfortunately, very much enjoyed it.

    Mouthfeel: Fairly medium body with an alcohol finish. Alcohol feeling very prominent starting on the middle of the tongue and moving backward.

    Overall: I think this was a great beer to start with for a more complicated beer to review. Very much enjoyed what the alcohol brought the the experience. Wonderfully medium complexity that can be easily distinguished given a slow tasting and the right environment. I was actually very excited when I moved outside and my nose was opened to grapes and a new sweetness in the beer. Definitely something to buy again.

  2. Keep these coming, I like it. AND it helps add alternative perspective!