Friday, November 26, 2010


Tasted this following an exploratory dinner of one of the numerous Mexican restaurants available to us on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities. Jen and I Enjoyed this for the rest of our night in with the newest Robin Hood movie

Appearance: Yellow straw color, quite light looking with a hazy hue to it. Quick dissipating head but an aggressive carbonation both on the side of the glass and within. I mean this thing bubbles!
Aroma: Herbaceous and tart with lemon and yeast notes. There is also a pungent bready funk to it too that finishes the nose.
Taste: Interesting taste. It really reveals the lemongrass and coriander at the very spicy finish. The malt is definitely wheat, due to the light citrus sweetness to it. The yeast flavor is very estery and phenolic reminiscent of barnyard funk and Belgium yeast. The midtaste specifically exhibits orange with spiced aftertaste and lemon resin finish. This beer is especially describable in an easy and point-on way. Yeast prominence is a forefront flavor mingled with a spicy clove wheat undertone. Coriander and clove make a harsh finishing aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy and a heavier body with a sticky feeling on the tongue. Carbonation is lower than expected given the first look
Overall Impression: This beer was very similar to Avery's White Rascal, but less resinous/oily coating the tongue. Interesting but nothing very unique, yet still refreshing and drinkable. Plus Jen enjoyed it.
A lot of bottle conditioned yeast at the bottom....mmm....B12


  1. Tasted this tonight, Friday, on the deck of the Lovett dorm overlooking the medical center. Got this in the 750 mL bottle. Love these bottles because they are great for two things, either 1) plentiful personal consumption, or 2) being shared. In this case it was the former. Served appropriately in a tall weizen glass.

    Appearance: Head was about an inch thick and creamy white. Took a few minutes to dissipate, leaving a thin foam across the top reduced as I drank. Golden straw color throughout mostly. Hazy throughout but in the center is a golden yellow color that fades out to more orange toward the sides. Minimal lacing.

    Aroma: Wheat prominent at the base but definitely not overpowering. Over the top of this I got a great balance of lemon and orange. As I drank, these sweet flavors got sweeter and melded into more of a sweetness that reminded me of some potpourri that was not overpowering but well balanced and pleasantly sweet.

    Taste: Just as the aroma hints, all the flavors here are very well balanced. Lemon, orange, and wheat are come together very nicely to create a relaxing tasting. Having trouble getting the coriander in this, but then again I don't know was coriander tastes like haha.

    Mouthfeel: Sweet at the front at first and eventually fades as the sweetness of the orange and lemon give way to more of a lemon and orange peel taste that gives a slight dryness.

    Overall: Definitely a buy again, might actually be tied with Two Brothers Ebel's Weiss as my new favorite wheat beer. Very drinkable. Love the label, love the beer, loved the experience.

  2. Next time you try a beer that has been made with spices, see if you can get ahold of those spices and experience them alongside the beer. It's helpful to get acquainted with them upfront to be able to pick up the subtleties in the beer.
    Awesome review though. Keep an eye out on homebrew replications