Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old Man Winter Ale (2010)

As you may know this is the second Old Man Winter I've tried. The last one is from 2009, while this one was tried at Rock Island Brewing Company (RIBCO). This was the Night that Dara Wegman-Geedy (Fall term Microbiology professor) took us out for drinks.

Appearance: Clear Bronze with a slight brown hue to it. There is a minimal if not non-existent head. Similarly, following the beer down the side of the glass, there is minimal lacing as well. Invisible carbonation.
Aroma: Robust malt character with caramel and toasted biscuit sweetness. I find that there is a finishing hint of dark fruit to follow.
Taste: Very sweet, but balanced with a semi-grassy but developing grapefruit zest bitterness that is complemented with a subtle bittersweet spicing. The complexity of each component of the flavor is impeccably balanced while layered at the same time. The flavor starts sweet with some fruity notes reminiscent of dark fruit and even rhubarb undertone but immediately progresses and is replied by a delicate bitterness combined with brief notes of rye and other spices. Honey and perhaps some brown sugar make up a lot of the backbone sweetness to this ale.
Mouthfeel: Smooth, but carbonation gives a zip on the tongue, that isn't too overwhelming but nonetheless adds to the texture and overall feel. Body is thick and tacky. The finish is spicy with a medium alcoholic warming flavor.
Overall Impression: Quite a great winter ale compared to last years batch. I'd certainly get a six pack of this. Balanced and delectable with a warming spice for the holidays.


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