Friday, November 19, 2010

Yellow Snow IPA

Thanks to Justen Parris for recommending this beer to me from the bar. As one of the newest on tap ales at RIBCO, this was my second beer of the night. I usually don't go for the tapped beers just because I then have to print off the label and put them in the hard-copy log. But in this case, an exception was made.

Appearance: Golden straw color with minimal filmed head that quickly dissipated (within seconds from a finger of bubbly foam). Extremely hazy with no transparency whatsoever.
Aroma: Voluptuously citrusy with an added puckering fruitiness to the aroma. Maybe a little grainy, but predominantly reminiscent of tropical fruit.
Taste: Immediately reveals that tropical zestiness foreshadowed in the aroma. Of oranges and more so of grapefruit (Calder, you would like this). The bitterness is probably the most pronounced citrus bitterness I have encountered. The pinnacle of Amarillo Hops. Malt flavor is completely non-existent up against the monster zest hop taste. Gradually pale biscuit malt may seep through for the very determined. As for the complexity, this beer has a wealth of citrus/zest/tropical flavors layered against each other. The bitterness dominates
Mouthfeel: Body is light and texture is fluid and refreshing with a crisp finish. Generally the dominant citrus flavored hops emit a very flavorful bitterness, that ultimately leaves a resinous finish on the palate. Carbonation is moderate.
Overall Impression: Though the malt is no match for the hop profile, the alpha acids by the end begin to give one the perception of a sweetness of pineapple of grapefruit. A totally drinkable beer that leaves the mouth quenched and crisp.


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