Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poppaskull Ale

I had heard about this beer from the Three Floyd's homepage, and had asked about it too on their blog. Luckily I had the opportunity to try it with Jen at Finnegan's in downtown Plainfield over Thanksgiving break.

Appearance: Reveals a clear golden amber color with minimal head. Carbonation accumulates within, as well as along side the glass. The clarity is maximal
Aroma: Floral but dominantly sweet. The malt character exhibits strong caramel malt smells with some mingled  toffee. To parallel, are undertones of biscuit malt. The flavor also incorporates subtle hints of grainy wort which somewhat detract from the overall aroma. Some woody, oak notes contribute as well.
Taste: There is a strong boozy finish with a candied cane sugar sweetness. Caramel and pale make up the base malt, followed by toasted barley with intertwined nutty flavor. Flavors aside, there is a mixed boozy finish that ends quite dry. Gradually the fore and mid taste develop undertones of buttery, candied toffee. Belgian fruit esters from the yeast make a complementing sweetness.
Mouthfeel: Lighter body but tacky/cloying texture with a biting carbonation. Clean and crisp nevertheless, with an assimilated drying aftertaste.
Overall Impression: A decent beer, but nothing to hype-up about. I enjoyed the robustly sweet flavors but I think there may have been too much going on, or the focus was on the alcohol. Ultimately, it is certainly a beer to try, but nothing to drink at a higher frequency.

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