Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gonzo Imperial Porter

This has been been sitting as the remainder of the Canis Major 4 pack I bought earlier this summer. Tasted this with a simple meal of buckwheat soba noodles and roasted pestle ground sesame seeds with water crackers and cheese following practice

Appearance: Pour was a deep black brown, which eternally exhibited itself pitch black in the glass. A strong sustained brown head that only dissipated into a film across the liquid/air barrier. Lacing is immediately apparent against the glass
Aroma: The epitome of roasted malt, if it was anything but, this would be a confusing and lost smell, but fortunately the beer boast a roasted woody bourbon aroma with an alcohol zip to finish.
Taste: A mild malt sweetness to start that incidentally merges into an all out slap to the tongue choked full or roasted malt flavors. Chocolate is another primary contributor to the flavor, releasing milky, but bittersweet undertones to the palate. The woody oak undertones also make their appearance at the end with an outstanding boozy like finish that ultimately completes the beer. Perhaps it can be said that there is some coffee flavors, but to my definition and experience, it's surely rampant with roasted malt. Hopping melds well into the finish, almost establishing itself as non-existent, but only to reveal a perfect balance and foundational support. Roasted flavors remain on the palate after each sip
Mouthfeel: Full body with a creamy texture. Not tacky at all, and doesn't leave the mouth dry. Definitely a filling beer. Minimal carbonation, but just enough to expose some underlying flavors. For the first time, I can legitimately say that this beer has an oily texture to it.
Overall Impression: A fantastic porter at that. Perhaps too overwhelming on the roasted malt, but still exhibits a nice transition between each palatable flavor, by which I cannot complain. Delicately smooth, with a perfect alcohol content to round out the finish.


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