Friday, December 24, 2010

Allagash White

Tasted following a long bustling day at Binny's, full of thirsty people hoping to get some of the remaining Christmas beer (i.e. Anchor and Great Lakes (of which we are out))

Appearance: Glowing sunshine yellow with a soapy white dense foam head. Thick sticky lacing coats the glass. The beer exhibits complete turbidity.
Aroma: Musty. Quite spicy to the nose. Immediately cloves and a subtle bread smell permeates the nostrils mixed with a mellow lemongrass appeal. Atop, there are floral petal notes accompanied with pepper and light fruit like pears and apples
Taste: The peppery lemon flavor hits mid tongue immediately, but no sooner does it finish with cloves and yeast which is all too common to wheat beers. Interestingly, this beer appeals to a bitter side with floral hopping leaving the palate dry and bitter. Fruit like pear flavors are very prominent in the foundational sweetness of this beer. This sweetness is paralleled with a citrus wheat germ flavor. The lemongrass and coriander contribute to the dry, spicy finish.
Mouthfeel: Fuller body, but a very pleasant carbonation that really helps disperse the levels of complexity within this beer. The micro fizz tickles the tip of the tongue and dissipates allowing the finishing spice to leave a lasting impression.
Overall Impression: Well I think I've found my first place Wheat beer! This ale is fantastically complex with a never ending layers of flavor. It's not overwhelming on either end and completely balanced. I'm not at all a fan of wheat beers, but this is something special. Thanks to the customers at Binny's for the recommendation!


  1. Just trying a collaboration between Allagash and New Belgium called Vrienden. REALLY unusual. Grab a bottle if you find it - I'd love to see what you have to say about it!

  2. Wanna send me a bottle? We won't have any out here...