Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chocolate Stout

Tasted following a 9 x 400m workout. Accompanied with lunch consisting of a vegetable curry sautee with truffle salt and garlic. Served in a wine glass at room temperature.

Appearance: Black with brown around the edges. A light fluffy mousy tan head that looks unstable but actually is impeccably well sustained. Even by the end, the beer still has a film that even a lot of beers have difficulty starting with.
Aroma: Roasted nuttiness with mild coffee undertones that take a minimal character in the overall smell. The malt is representative of some toasted barley and caramel. Maybe some dark fruitiness.
Taste: The coffee bitterness really comes through especially with the burnt finish. Perhaps it exhibits an extra dark chocolate but I think it is more of a burnt coffee bean flavor. Sweet foretaste but that is quickly extinguished after the carbonated fizz hits the mid tongue leaving only a sharp dry bitterness. This is more of a dry stout.
Mouthfeel: Soft silky mouthfeel with a lighter body. The carbonation is high, but still soft as well but induces the roasted malt flavors at the finish.
Overall Impression: I think ultimately the chocolate was lacking in this beer. I would have expected more of a sweeter flavor and more toastiness, but instead I got roasted coffee and very bittersweet chocolate. I'll try it cold next time and see how the flavor is altered.


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