Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arctic Panzer Wolf

I first tasted this at the Three Floyd's brew pub from a snifter, but having tried many things before it, my palate wasn't as sensitive (though it still boasted a wealthy flavor). But to get more of an accurate description, and a chance for Jen to try it, we had it at Finnegan's in down town Plainfield.

Appearance: Yellow straw color with a hazy hue. Upon the side of the glass there is a sticky sporadic lacing. No visible carbonation, and a thin filmed head.
Aroma: Very tropical and fruity with flowery notes. More specifically I can draw out notes of mango and pineapple. The end reveals some slight spicing, perhaps coriander, but that may be false, as the zest and bitterness can easily be a overwhelming contributor to the beer.
Taste: Grassy with a more than dominant resin tropical citrus taste that dries out the palate. Potential fruit flavors derived from the bitterness may include: Apricot, mango, grapefruit and pineapple with a tannin plant like orange pineapple juice. A perfect hop juice!
Mouthfeel: A Medium body, as well as medium mouthfeel with a light carbonation that reinforces a zesty tart flavor. A subtle spike to the tip of the tongue.
Overall Impression: An interesting beer that fully exhibits the potential hops can contribute to both taste and flavor. The sweet taste was more so a trick to the palate from the alpha acids, that dedicated themselves to the utmost complexity. I wouldn't say this beer is necessarily balanced, but it still maintains an overly delicious and refreshing taste. Alcohol may creep up on you with this one.


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