Thursday, December 2, 2010

Old Jubilation Ale (2009)

Picked this up at the Plainfield Binny's in their single bottle purchase section.

Appearance: Right from the pour I could tell this one was very thick. Exemplary of a really chalky milk chocolate brown with an off white/tan, incredibly foamy head.
Aroma: Very rich and carameled with notes of chocolate and mocha. There are also some distinguishable yeast tones as well. Finishing is some sweet holiday spicing and an aromatic ester quality.
Taste: What a kick. The beer is really choked full of cocoa-caramel sweetness at the tip of the tongue which then graduates into a subtle, lingering bitterness, followed by a hot...booziness. Date like fruitiness with some other spices that help mask the surging alcoholic finish. Biscuit and roasted notes of baked holiday treats. Above all it is the chocolate at the foretaste and the high alcohol finish that are most prominant in the flavor.
Mouthfeel: Very tacky and thick with full body that coats the tongue and cheek. Slight pinch of carbonation, but that's really all it needs. Creamy texture.
Overall Impression: Definitely not a beer to be taken lightly. Label was an absolute bitch to take off. Nevertheless this beer is ambitious in flavor and leaves a lot in its wake. A great holiday ale. I can't wait to see how different the 2010 beer is.


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