Thursday, December 2, 2010

Robust Porter

Tried at Jen's Parents house after checking out their down town Wine and Cheese bar, and Finnegan's Pub with an extensive number of available craft rarities.

Appearance: Dark brown, pretty much black. Exhibits a very dense, frothy tan head that dissipates to a cm thick top coating. No transparency. By a couple minutes after pour, head is reduced to a film. Looks very vicious and thick.
Aroma: Strong toasted malt sweetness with a coffee aroma taking an undertoned finish. Slight spicing and perhaps some fruitiness, but predominantly caramel and some biscuit malt.
Taste: Strong burnt and coffee flavor right to the start with paralleled toasted malt, but this seems to be overtaken by the fore taste. Sweetness takes a minimal role, with emphasis placed on these initial. Gradually some bittersweet cocoa flavors begin to expose themselves near the finish. Finally there remains a burnt bitter dryness rounding out the beer. Other notable flavors: smoked wood, oak,  molasses. Some sourness.
Mouthfeel: Higher carbonation than usual porters. The body isn’t as full either with a lighter Mouthfeel, but still boasting the flavor. Carbonation has a mild prick to the tongue. Not sticky, more so just fluid and quite refreshing.
Overall Impression: A typical porter that has most of the emphasis on the black patton malt with chocolate and roasted malts. The bitter finish is another substantial contributor to the beer. As the beer warms, the sweetness preceding the burnt aftertaste is develops into a sweeter chocolate.


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