Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dynamo Copper Lager

Thanks to my dad for getting me the winter beers of the world which oddly enough included this beer. I had been meaning to try it and had in fact almost picked up a six pack. Tasted at the Carpenters Christmas party in a wine glass.

Appearance: Rich copper amber. I'm quite impressed with the color. The beer exhibits total clarity with little visible carbonation. Unfortunately no head develops from the pour.
Aroma: Mild caramel sweetness embraces the nose. Following there is a pungent lager smell that adds a unique twist. More prominently a nice toasted sweetness develops by the 4th sip.
Taste: Toasted malt start with a crisp finish and a mellow lagered profile. There is somewhat of a candied or honey sweetness. Nutty and simply flavored. Bitterness is subtle but still maintained like most lager beers consistent with hallertau or saaz like hops. By the end, I sense a chocolate note develop. On 8/8/11 I retried it and the chocolate notes have become far more apparent, leaving a rish and savory malted barley and toasted malt sweetness about it that remains on the palate. Far more enticing than that of the last time I tried this, nearly 8 months prior.
Mouthfeel: An even, medium carbonation on the tongue that leaves a gloopy texture after washing down. Somewhat cloying. As the beer washes down, the carbonation is even felt in the throat. Medium body and hefty mouthfeel.
Overall Impression: Very flavorful lager. Toasty addition really appeals to the palate. Yet still maintains a lagered character. Nuttiness becomes more pronounced as the beer reaches the finish.

12/26/10: 83/100
8/8/11: 87/100

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