Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Antonia Imperial Pilsner

Tasted Christmas morning (I know, don't judge) with family and grandparents throughout Christmas breakfast and present opening. Monte and I split it because it is one of the few Dogfish that he hasn't had. The label of this beer is absolutely gorgeous! Served cold in a wine glass.

Appearance: Poured golden straw. First glass was transparent, the final glass poured a glowing cloudiness, perhaps from chill haze or the yeast, I didn't look. Head retention is mediocre, as it sustains a sudsy white appearance. Sticky lacing.
Aroma: A lot fruitier than most pilsner lagers I've had. There is a brief apricot and pear aroma followed by a more mellow finishing pungent hoppiness. I also sense some complementary honey and citrus characters. Very aromatic and sweet smell. Some pine.
Taste: A nice fruit base with touches of honey and even biscuit. Throughout I taste a peppery pungent profile followed by somewhat of a citrus grass bitterness. The finish is crisp, but leaves a dry resinous taste on the palate. Starts very sweet, which is uncommon to most pilsners. and builds into a crisp refreshing climax. I presume a lot of the hops used were of citrus origin which gives it a pineapple-like finish. The zest isn't really like any orange or grapefruit but more so peppery and tropical. The flavors are reminiscent of a lighter style IPA, and perhaps this could even be considered a hybrid of the two. I even taste some mango interspersed throughout.
Mouthfeel: After allowing the beer to finally sit and mellow, the beer gives a subtle carbonated finish, leaving the palate dry but very refreshed. Body is medium but there is a leftover tackiness to the lips. Ironically, I would even say the feel is salty.
Overall Impression: An interesting beer, nevertheless the dry resin grassiness left on the palate is somewhat deterring. I do however really enjoy the complexity of fruit and hop interaction that acquaints this beer. I really like the combination between Pilsner and IPA giving, for the most part the best of both worlds. The body and hop citrus from an IPA and the pungent light crispness of a pilsner. Nice.

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