Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Euphoria Pale Ale

Another beer that came in the the Beer of The Worlds Winter Edition 9 pack that my dad got me for Christmas. Tasted it while at the Carpenters Christmas dinner party. Served in a wine glass, cold after cooling off in a snow bank outside the house. My first craft can beer.

Appearance: Deep ambered red with no visible carbonation and likewise no head to be retained in the first place. Liquid lacing that looks like spit (appetizing). Gives off a rubied glow to the light.
Aroma: Dark toasted fruit and barley with an undertone of caramel. Some nice fragrant notes of grapefruit, and a robust dose of fruitiness from the hops add a complementary finish to the beer.
Taste: Less sweetness than expected, but still maintains the foundational toasty malt sweetness with a nice reply from the pine-like hops. Some drying and grassy character at the finish easily drawn from the hop resins. The hop profile starts as a fruity tropical flavor and ends in the grassiness as noted above. The combination of the toasty start and dark fruit and the finishing hops makes for a very complete and balanced taste.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation makes for a smooth mouthfeel with more of a distributive spike on the tongue instead of one place. It works well with the finish, breathing the pine/tropical hops. Medium to lighter body.
Overall Impression: Quite flavorful and balanced. There is a nice complexity to the malt in combination of toasted, caramel and dark fruit. A good basic pale ale.


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