Monday, December 27, 2010

Golden Monkey

Jen was in town and we headed to The Yardhouse at the Glen following a day of work. We ironically saw Aubrey and Monte there as well. Enjoyed at the bar in a small goblet.

Appearance:  Copper hue against a hazy yellow color.  There wasn't really any head
to note. No visible carbonation.
Aroma:  Aroma is sweet and phenolic with an accompanying orange zest that fumes the nose. Some basic citrus component as well. Quite floral, banana/clove esters and vanilla.
Taste:  Taste is quite peppery with some yeast character.  Some murky earthy notes with a combined hotness. This burn at the finish makes the beer finish with a slight fruity note.  Orange zest assists the finish as well.  Bite from the hops is in the foretaste with a light toasted biscuit malt that aids in holding up the foundation.  Some bread and yeast leave a leathery dry flavor.  Dark smoked fruit and dates. Maybe blood fruit and toasted malt? The phenols in this beer give the character of some minor medicinal qualities, but they are ultimately well masked y the alternative complexity of the beer. Some bread qualities develop through to the end of the beer. The dry finish is balanced with an orange peel fruit sweetness and bitterness. 
Mouthfeel:  Mouthfeel is delicate with a medium body and minimal carbonation. There is a drying prolonged bitterness. Nevertheless the texture is still smooth and boastful.
Overall Impression:  This a delicious complex Belgium strong ale, or at least an American interpretation. It has nice sophisticated layers. I care little for what style it may fall under and/or if it misses those marks, it's still a good beer.


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