Monday, December 20, 2010

Half Acre Daisy Cutter

Another beer part of the sampler at Yard House. I had tried this several times before at places like Fountain Head and The Hopleaf. A couple of months ago this beer didn't have a big impression on me. But these days since I've discovered the hop head in me, it isn't half bad. Tried a second time from a four pack of cans.

Appearance: A nice pale cloudy yellow with a fluffy foam head that pillows the beers surface. Minimal lacing. Depth defined haziness, surely unfiltered. Carbonation is very strong, sticking to the sides of the glass and persisting minutes after the pour.
Aroma: Initially a light biscuit-malt sweetness hits the nose only to then transition into a grassy and floral smell. The bitterness also represents subtle notes of tropical fruit and brief tones of pine. I'd say Citra or Simcoe from the impeccable fresh scent.
Taste: Both grassy and herbaceous with some yeasty notes that are carried through by the sweet light biscuit malt backbone. Citrus and tropical zest come through as they did in the aroma. Grapefruit too is a contributing factor to the taste. Orange peel and lemon gradually develop by mid taste. Somewhat of a grassy finish, but still maintains a spectacularly sweet and citrusy grapefruit flavor. It's gotta be at least one of the hops I noted above.
Mouthfeel: Light a fluffy but with a drying resinous finish. Very drinkable and refreshing for both summer and winter. A smooth texture that's created from the softer carbonation makes the feel of this beer very appealing.
Overall Impression: I liked this one. The pinnacle of fresh. It is a great go-to, and if I ever get the chance I'd pick a 4 pack cans up. Half-acre also has Gossamer...and most recently, "Over Ale." Nevertheless I feel that this hits all the style guidelines and flavors of a true pale ale...Goal successful. This stuff goes fast in the Chicago land area, so if you see the cans, pick them up while you CAN.

T1 (11/9/10): 86/100
T2 (4/25/11): 91/100
T3 (2/7/12): 93/100

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