Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bell's Winter White

Tasted this on tap at Yard House in Glenview. I was thinking about purchasing it from Binny's, but a taste was all I needed. Tried alongsie their winter season flight.

Appearance: A glowing straw yellow as the color emits a pale whitish hue with a nicely formed filmed head that is evenly distributed.
Aroma: Citrus and wheat make the initial impression to the nose. Following I sense notes of mild clove and a very prominent vanilla that moulds well into the light sweet smell. This beer is interesting medicinal reminding me of young Mead's and honey. I find finishing grainy and bread overtones
Taste: Right off the palate I taste banana and clove (usually) following a nice combination of coriander and yeast. The vanilla is well maintained in the taste as well as the tart breadiness. The beer leaves a pungent yeasty aftertaste on the palate. Similar to the aroma, the combination of spice and wheat zest sweetness is still reminiscent of mead and honey.
Mouthfeel: Carbonation is aggressive and gives a sharp spike to the tongue which is deterring to the taste. Aside, the beer still maintains a nice creamy texture with a light body.
Overall Impression: Wasn't extensively a fan of this wheat, but still exhibited a lot of complexity and boasted some interesting flavors compared to most hefes and wits. A trier, but that's it.


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