Sunday, December 19, 2010

India Style Rye Ale

Tasted after a whole day working at Binny's (my new job over break). I saw that it was the last on the shelf so I had to take it. Enjoyed with an assortment of nuts. Served

Appearance: Robust tan head with a sticky lacing on the side of the glass. A beautiful brown color with a touch of red. Clarity is optimal for being a dark beer.
Aroma: Spicy with a woody note to is with complementary caramel and malt flavors. I also smell oak and a subtle bourbon-ish tone under the spice.
Taste: Starts malty and sweet but with an immediate spicy/bitterness but with a touch of brown sugar and other candied sugar elements. The beer finishes quite clean with no overwhelming flavors. The rye is an incredible addition to this beers flavor. The woody and nutty flavors with the complementary rye spicing are great elements to the complexity. Mild whiskey makes this beer
Mouthfeel: Fuller bodied with a smooth carbonation profile that fills this beer. I do however find it primarily stays secluded to the tip of the tongue with a minimal tingle. The texture is very forgiving though drinkability is left to be slowly enjoyed.
Overall Impression: This beer is the pinnacle of rye flavor. If you really want to know the flavor of rye and what character it adds to beer. Most say that rye simply imparts a body or texture to beer, but it certainly adds a unique and flavorful element to beer. I love it!
Perhaps this could eventually get me into whiskey?
I'll stick to the beer.


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