Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heavy-Handed IPA

Picked up a six pack of this earlier this fall because it was new to the shelves. I was amazed! I've also had it at the brewery in several forms: Galena Hopped Heavy handed as well as Heavier Handed. Thanks to Joshua Schipp for getting a sixpack in Mid october of 2011 for a second try. Everything was pretty much the same hopped-up goodness!

Appearance: A rich dark bronzed red color with a copper hue. There is an off-white or head foamed head. Clarity (1-10) = around an 8. Lacing layers the glass with complete lacing as the head dissipates following the pour
Aroma: Strong biscuit malt aroma with caramel undertones. Smells deliciously pungent of wildflowers and green plant tannins.
Taste: First right away penetrates the back of the throat with a spicy pine-needle punch that soon mellows into a fruity zest bitterness. The beers backbone is immediately sweet with a dark fruit and toasted caramel taste with unique fig and raisin notes. Following is a subtle vanilla undertone. Amylase is an interesting component to this beer, creating a mix between flour and yeast, yet this is ever so slight. Mild tones of chocolate both represent themselves at the beginning and finish by mid-glass.
Mouthfeel: Creamy and full bodied mouthfeel that remains consistent on the way down as it coats the tongue and cheek.
Overall Impression: A beast of its own. Sweet malt flavors cannot stand up to the bitterness, but nevertheless do create a necessary foundation that ultimately makes the beer. A slow drinker that is both refreshing and drinkable. I had difficulty letting his one last more than 5 minutes.


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