Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Northern Hemisphere Harvest (2010)

Thanks to Elise, Tom and Kate for bringing this over one night for a tasting. It was accompanied with a bomber of BrooDoo from Three Floyds. Tasted using a tasting paddle.

Appearance: Rich ambered color with a coppered hue. There is a thick tan foamy head. Clarity is maximal with a bit of carbonation visible within the glass.
Aroma: Very aromatic and reminiscent of pine and other tropical resins. Initial caramel-nut malt character present with its accompanying earth-like diacetyl citrus splash. Elise said it smelled like banana bread.
Taste: The flavor is a little boozy with a paralleled hop resin finish. Gradually, once the palate accepts the bitterness, rich and sweet caramel malt complexity emerges. There is also a dark fruit undertone. To complement this, there is some residual biscuit malt sweetness incorporated that I think helps balance the wet hop citrus pine. Together, raisins and dark cherries emerge. Ultimately this beer showed more pine and dark fruit skin bitterness than grapefruit.
Mouthfeel: Medium with a heavier body. Carbonation is light, but nevertheless really helps draw out the complexity of the floral hops. Highly drinkable and smooth with a dry finish, yet still maintaining a longer aftertaste.
Overall Impression: Generally this is a well balanced, complex hand crafted ale that exhibits a sweet biscuit/fruit and toasted malt with an even reply from the citra/pine hops.


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