Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boont ESB

My first Boont beer. I have never had this company until a customer recommended it to me while working at Binny's. After this I tried the IPA as well. This beer was purchased this from Chicago's very own Green Grocer off of Grand Ave. We picked up a six pack of this for Aubrey's holiday party following a day of touring the Chicago breweries. Finally got around to actually blogging it Tuesday evening after practice. Pint glass served.

Appearance: Strong golden color with a foamy white film across the top. Some chill haze is present, but still transparent. Very little action going on by way of carbonation in this beer.
Aroma: Biscuity and sweet with an herbaceous undertone that leads to a spicy finish. Malt sweetness is predominantly caramel and biscuits with touches grassy hops.
Taste: Starts sweet, but quickly transitions into a very bitter and drying flavor. Leafy and grassy at the finish with a compliment of spices and herbs. Leaving behind it a very grassy aftertaste with some resin feel. I find there develops some grapefruit bitterness and lemon/orange zest as the beer continues to develop. Gradually some tropical flavors integrate themselves into the beer, as it becomes lesser reminiscent of bittering hops and develops a complexity to it. Nevertheless it is crisp to taste from the high hop content.
Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation with a subtle Spike to the tongue. Smooth texture in the back of the throat while it remains more carbonated and aggressive at the front. Has the feel of ha heavier body, leaving lest to the palate and more for the heavy liquid to bring these sensations...if that makes sense.
Overall Impression: Interesting beer, far different from the Schlafly ESB. Yet it has an astounding ability to develop a complexity the further into the glass one gets. Afterburp leads on some lagered flavors. But this beer is quite refreshing and drinkable if you can get past the initial strength of the hops and let the palate develop to the beer.

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