Monday, January 17, 2011

Brewery Review: Limestone Brewery - Plainfield, IL

The only way I would have ever made it to this brewery is through Jen. She conveniently lives about a mile and a half from the brewery, and therefore usually every time I visit, We take a trip out there, whether its with her parents or by ourselves. I think each time we've sat at the bar and ordered a tasting flight followed by a selected beer from their phenomenal guest beer list. More importantly, these are the beers you can try:

Electric Park Gold - Pale yellow, or straw color with a hazed clarity. Smell is yeasty and sweet but with a citrus bite. Light sugared taste with a splash of corn sugar. Candied. Orange peel. Too sweet.
Wheatlander - Clouded yellow. No head upon pour. Bitter with a yeast touch to the nose as well. Tastes reminiscent of vanilla with a strong clove and mild estery finish. Bananas begin to emerge with light breadiness
Old Chicago Amber - Clouded copper with slight white lacing. Caramel maltiness with a fruity hop finish. Taste is biscuity with a simple character of brown sugar.
Indian Boundary - Clear bronze with a minimal head and a wet looking lacing. Taste is somewhat watery and lacking much of a malt sweetness than assumed from the appearance. Some toastiness.
Dolomite Oatmeal - Thick and dense creamy tan head. An entire filmed lacing coats the glass. Black as coal. Smokey and chocolate aroma. Bittering finish but a nice malt profile of roasted chocolate barley. Well balanced aside from the fantastic texture from the nitrogen carbonation
Pilcher Pale Ale - They know how to make their bitters..A deeper hazed amber with some white head. Smells grapefruity. Quite tropical and sweet with a drying peppery resin finish. Certainly more than a pale ale. Raisins, tropical, grapefruit zest. Caramel biscuit malt backbone.
Frostbite - Greyish brown with a haze. Quite dark color. Smells of nutmeg and ginger immediately at the nose. Normal winter. Quite smooth. Spices leave the palate quicker which is fortunate. Some tartness.
6450 Red Ale - Pale red with nice clarity but more so ambered. Strong frothy peaked head. Dry and bittering like many reds. Lighter fruitiness. Good balance and flavor.
Maple Stout - Reddish hue to a brown cloud colored beer. Sweet and roasty. Some tart at the nose. Earthy tasting. Overwhelmingly sweeter finish. Cherries would seem like a usual candidate. Smooth body.
Flying Pig IPA - Still looking, ambered red and cloudy. Smells fruity and of pine with an additional tropical zest. Relatively flat with a carameled foundation. Quite hoppy.
Ukrainium Krusher - Jet black. Brown head. Filmed watery lacing. Smells of maple and oak. Chocolate and fruity sweetness. Doesn't finish with a bourbon aged. Woody and chocolate are predominating flavors. Limited bitterness while alcohol plays a minimal, but well intended role in the beers flavor. I wouldn't consider it an imperial stout, just a strong one. It was delicious nevertheless.

The brewery is located along route 59 with a well accommodating parking lot (uncommon to many breweries). The entrance is welcoming fit with oak barrels, desk, and unused mash tun!?(I want it) The brewpub is spacious  with an island bar. On weekends the music is noisy, but they have a crowd to please. Live music is common. Multiple flat screens everywhere. For those wanting to get a quite brewery experience, head there on a Sunday evening where Erica the server/bartender does a fantastic job talking beer and attending to the experience. We got the sampler and then some to appease this blog post. The place is usually dimly lit, but enough to get an accurate appearance to the beer. As you can see they have a good selection of brews, though, the time I went (Jan 2) we missed out on their small beer. Like I explained earlier, they also have a fantastic guest beer selection both on tap and bottled (Some bottles weren't even available at my Binny's) They have 4$ growlers and 11$ refills. Our last visit we got Ska's Modus Hoperandi, Three Floyd's/Dogfish Head Papaskull as well as Two brothers baretree barley wine. Certainly a competitive menu to Plainfields own Finnegan's Irish Pub. Their Brewery is fully visible from the bar, and around the bathroom area. I enjoyed looking at the old prohibition pictures they have lining their walls. They host the new Plainfield homebrewers club (of which Jen attended for the first time and won 25 Ibs of grains. we used it for our 11 man oak barrel aged Imp Stout) A cool place that offers consistent pleasure to beer aficionado's and normals alike.
Ken is the brew master and Steve is the Assisting brewmaster.

Brewery experience: 45/50

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