Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brooklyn Winter Ale

Tasted with Vlad before nutrition class.
Appearance: Bronzed amber with a nice clarity. Almost no head. Upon pour there was quite an accumulated on the side of the glass, but dissipates after a while.
Aroma: Very earthy and smoked at the finish. Maybe from the marris otter malt. Starts carameled and sweet but then transitions into a smoked wood almost burnt smell.
Taste: Musty tasting and like the aroma, smoky. The expectation of spices common to most winter ales would inevitably disappoint those looking. The smokiness hits the back palate and leaves a gaseous taste in the aftertaste, which is all too deterring. Almost salty tasting. Prolonged aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Well textured with a medium body. Micro-bubble carbonation makes for a brief bite to the tip of the tongue, but immediately transitions into a smooth and soft texture
Overall Impression: "Do not drink it by itself" – Vlad. Definitely to be accompanied with some food, primarily an animal based product of steamed vegetables. Not a common winter ale, more of a cross between a smoked Baltic and a light helles beer, free of any usual spicing and malt flavors.


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