Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dirty Blonde Ale

Another beer out of the Atwater Block craft pack that Lucas Westblade picked up for me. Tasted following a grueling practice of 4 x 200, 800m at 2:13, and 4 x 400m with a warm-up and cool down. Tasted prior to our team dinner at the All-you-can-eat Hy-vee salad bar.

Appearance: Golden clarity with a pathetic, if you can call it a head at all. Small, slow rising carbonation visible through the 100% clear liquid. Looks plain.
Aroma: Sweet and almost candied amongst a lager yeast pungence. Some fruity apple diacetyl esters present. But generally the smell didn't reveal all too much.
Taste:  Somewhat of a hybrid cross of a wit and a lager with some Belgium spicing. The flavor was a little sweet (like apples) but still maintained that pungence. Malt is difficult to pick out from the strong yeast attenuation and contribution to the flavor, but I'd more than likely guess and pale/pils mix with some additional wheat for a backboned orange peel citrus. Coriander spicing to finish.
Mouthfeel: Crisp carbonation that is relatively on the higher end. Body is light and drinkable.
Overall Impression: Complexity and overall palate desirability and flavor weren't all to memorable or even appealing with this one. The wheat and the abundant lager pungence really doesn't make an impression on me. Perhaps for those who take a liking to Leinenkugels though.

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