Monday, January 10, 2011

Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Thank you Thomas Christian for bringing this beer back from spending the holiday's in Washington. Enjoyed during lunch with Jen as we feasted on a broccoli, mushroom and asparagus pizza with a crust composed of spelt and millet flour and California beer yeast and a sauce I created from blending kefir and Tahini sauce that inevitably made a smoked mushroom tasting cream sauce, mmm!
Appearance: An orange amber with minimal clarity. Strong cloud like head is sustained atop an aggressively bubbly liquid. The off white head dissipates into a thick foamed ring around the glass. Moderate spotted lacing throughout the drink.
Aroma: Fruity but more so in the direction of malted barley and biscuits. Hop character is present with a splash of tropical fruitiness. Sweetness is almost like honey and cane sugar.
Taste: Tropical fruits play this beer well as it integrates some toasted biscuit flavors but finishes with a orange juice or pineapple sweetness. The bitterness is reminiscent of pineapple rind and some orange zest. The complexity and development of this beer through the tasting is incredible. There may be some mango bitterness, but predominantly this pale ale takes the fruitier, and tropical side of the APA category. Finishes somewhat try, but more so refreshing.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with a mild carbonation that only helps the beer develop in flavor. There isn’t much of a spike to the tongue , but more so a progressive wash of texture blossoming. No cloying or tackiness.
Overall Impression: Quite a spectacular and refreshing beer with a boat load of complexity and a lot to say about basic APA standards. Most APA’s have a mild bitterness and a caramel, biscuit malt backbone to hold up a basic alpha acid flavor. This beer exhibits a whole new kind of flavor that can be achieved within the category. I’ll definitely make an effort to get this beer whenever I can. And if you can, please send me some!


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