Thursday, January 20, 2011

Liberty Ale

Tasted midday following a quick caloric dose farm fresh olive oil fried eggs. Bought a six pack from Binny's in highland park while working there over break. Pint glass poured.

Appearance: A pale straw color with a minute touch of amber. Nicely structured white fluffy head that dissipates into a thicker coating along the surface of the beer. Sticky tuft white lacing along the sides. Some haziness about it, but enough to maintian complete transparency.
Aroma: Grassy and herbaceous with a buscuit malt undertone. Some lighter fruit characteristics contribute to the initial nose, but are finally masked by a tropical/earthy bitterness.
Taste: Some graininess to start, but graduates into a nice zesty bitterness. Apricots could be picked out of the undertoned malt as well as the light toasted and biscuit barley malt. The mid-taste is my favorite part where it holds the inbetween (the best of both worlds) of malt and finishing hops. Some grapefruit zest is left to the aftertaste, which is quite drawn out. I could easily tell this is a higher end pale ale from the complexity of the malt and hop tastes compared to say..Kirklands generic Pale Ale. Again pine flavors begin to develop the deeper one gets into the glass.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, yet highly drinkable and refreshing. Carbonation isn't too much and only makes it's final say as the beer washes over the back of the tongue, with a mediocre spike. Chewy may be a word to put to the texture, but other than that it is a crisp beer.
Overall Impression: Complex and drinkable with a wealth of all sweet and bitter characteristics. The hops say both bittering and C's while the malt holds a foundation to baance against the alpha acids. In plain terms, this is a bitter beer with a lot of flavor and integral complexity if you choose to note it or just drink through it.

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