Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lips of Faith: Belgo India Pale Ale

Tasted on a quite Saturday night with some cheese (on April's serving block), crackers and company.
Appearance: Golden amber with a sustained haze and a minimal head. Speckled white lacing and still a visible micro-bubble carbonation
Aroma: Dark fruit and raisin predominantly takes the nose. Quite sweet and aromatic. Some very mellow with some malt caramel and grapefruit. Extremely complex and blushed strong olfactory sensations.
Taste: Starts smooth and very well malty with a spicy complexity. Some finishing phenols and hop bitterness. The complexity melds well into the fruity flavor. I definitely sense some sort of Belgian character to this beer, and I'm guessing its the flavor imparted by the yeast. A little estery and sweet with pineapple complexity complemented with pine and peel zest citrus. I'd say there's a lot of C' hops but in addition, I taste Amarillo as well. The paralleling malt flavors reside more on a grain husk profile accompanied with medium sugar (brown or honey) as well as a carameled foundation.
Mouthfeel:  Full body and medium carbonation. Minimal spike to the tongue. More malt sweetness in this one makes the beer more thicker than it could have been. Chewy? maybe a little. Nevertheless it is nice and refreshingly crisp while still maintaining a hefty drinkable character.
Overall Impression: Very flavorful and complex. There is a lot going on in this beer suggesting this was a very interesting interaction between the Belgium yeast and malt. The hop combination finishes just right balancing into a nice dry finish.


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