Monday, January 31, 2011

Magic Hat #9

This was Jen's favorite beer this summer, we tried it for the first time at the Bier Stube down in Moline. I've had several opportunities to try it since then including on tap at RIBCO as well as bottled in the winter craft pack. Jen even made a #9 replica with real apricots. It tasted fantastic even though each bottle had a detonation date on it (literally). Finally it 1,000 views for the month, big step.

Appearance: Golden amber with complete clarity. Minimal head dissipates into a clean white film across the top of the beer. Aggressive carbonation fills the liquid. Very visually appealing.
Aroma: I definitely smell the apricots and other tart fruit sensations. It smells like a campaign but without the pungent aroma. This beer is a lot cleaner to the nose. I cannot draw any distinguishing malt characters under the fruitiness.
Taste: Very sweet but not as sour as the aroma would have otherwise dictated. Here I can distinguish light malted barley as well as a mild hop/grass finish amongst what is left of the tart apricot flavors. The yeast imparts some citrus notes as well with a dash of wheat flavor. Similarly the combination of bitterness and sweet foretaste gives the perception of fresh oranges and zest. Breadiness and some yeast come through the mix of fruity bitterness. Still quite palatable and tasty, but more on the sweeter side. Taste is also somewhat reminiscent of a cheap lager that's developed some estery characteristics from oxidation, but nevertheless this isn't a deterring thing especially for the beers ingredients.
Mouthfeel: Light body with a more than expected smooth texture. Carbonation is overbearing but on the medium side, which only helps the beer blossom into a fruit tannin/zest aftertaste. Very drinkable and refreshing.
Overall Impression: Definitely a summer beer at heart. It's like wheat character along with the fruit and crisp finish account for a refreshing hot day drink. Be careful when replicating this beer, you gotta account for the slow fermentation of the apricots which really help the bottles to explode.


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