Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Classic Amber

Bought a craft pack from Binny's while working there over break. Tasted following a snowy evening run. What was supposed to be an easy day turned into a freezing struggle fighting wind, ice, and snow. Finished a lot slower than I expected. Did some lifting, ate dinner and logged some beer. Following this post we headed to RIBCO for some 1/2 price craft pints.

Appearance: Strong bubbly off white 2 finger head upon pour, leaving behind it a thin coated lacing. Color is maroon with a darker ambered hue. Looks more like a brown and a red ale combined. Still clarity maintains itself against the darkened color. Carbonation bubbles race along the sides of the glass to the surface.
Aroma: Aroma is estery but carameled candy sub cedes the fruity notes. The follow-up smell is a little spicey and toffee notes to complement. Very sweet and estery. Kind of medicinal.
Taste: A basic sweetness brushes over the palate. Somewhat of candied sugar and caramel malt. This really only has a neutral flavor to it with nothing really standing out. Balanced, yes. Too balanced it's bland. Yes. There is a bit of smokey taste as well as a grassy/tannin grain husk aftertaste to the beer as well. Fruits and (corn) sugars are prominent. There isn't too much to the bitterness aside from what provides a refreshing crispness. The more I think of it, the beer is a little soapy or even synthetic tasting. Plastic develops in the finish. Watery and light tasting do not correlate to what the appearance led me on to assume.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a lighter carbonation, but nicely incorporated to tickle the sensory tasting nerves on the way down. Decent drinkability.
Overall Impression: Enough to perhaps pleasure your basic Coors or frat drinker trying to look classy, but nothing special. The taste is watery and the flavor is lacking. Looks good, but taste and smell are contradictory.


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