Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pure Malt Cave Ale

Thanks to Joey Waldorf for picking this up as a part of an assorted six pack. Tasted following a 14 mile run through Moline and East Moline at 9 pm.

Appearance: A hazed amber straw color with an aggressive formation of carbonation against the glass. Little head formation
Aroma: Very aromatic and chocolaty with a carameled sweetness and toffee undertone. Very malt smelling with a mellow hop character that perfectly complements the malt. A little tart peach
Taste: Taste is mild and toasted with a biscuity. Some nutty bark like flavors are paralleled with earth sensation, as well as a complementary bready palate. Some metallic flavor to the finish. The beer finish is dry with a bit of a sour flavor. Similarly I find some husk tannins. The foretaste isn't as malty as the aroma led on, it falls more indistinguishable. A little salty. I think there is a yeast element to this beer that is the main contributor to the strange dry spiced finish.
Mouthfeel: Medium body and light carbonation that's just enough to carry out the flavors. Dry textured at the end.
Overall Impression: I think I liked the aroma the most. The flavor was far more different and less balanced than I expected. This beer emphasized a bitterness that didn't just revolve around the hop character, but drew some from the grains themselves. Too grainy and strangely tart.


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