Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red Rambler Ale

Tasted this following our Augustana Open Indoor mile race. I hit 4:33.4 making it technically a personal record, but not really. Anyways I came back home in between races (I also did the 4x400) to study some parasitology and crack open a beer.

Appearance: A shady, muddy red with a bronzed brown tint. Quite cloudy an turbid. Minimal head, but what does emerge is a subtle indistinct foamed ring around the edge. Lacing present. Carbonation still visible
Aroma: Sweet and fruity but replied with a nice citra hop aroma to balance the smell. Definitely some sweet orange peel but also dark fruit and toasted malt. Some graininess and earthy characters emerge when the glass is swirled
Taste: A short lived malt foretaste resembling toasted and biscuit malt. The beer immediately then transitions into a grassy, fruit zest flavor with a finishing inner grapefruit peel taste (bitter). Mild caramel emerges under the complex layering of malt in this beer. Somewhat metallic tasting, but more natural than mistake. Dark fruit present as well as a dry alcoholic and resinous finish. Aftertaste is long and drawn out reminiscent of grass and leaves.
Mouthfeel: Light refreshing body with a medium carbonation that presents itself with mico bubbled fizz against the top of the tongue. The hop resins and the alcohol round the beer out with a dry sandy texture.
Overall Impression:  Definitely a drinkable complex beer. Red ales always interest me for their nice balance of interesting malt and drying semi-fruity hops.


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