Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vinyl Lager Spring Seasonal

Tasted on a Thursday night following a stir fry dinner of all the veggies in the Misewicz refrigerator. Bought from the single bottle bin at the Binny's in Plainfield.

Appearance: Bubbly head that poured about a 1/4 an inch thick and quickly dissipated. Color is a deep red copper and clarity is at its max, allowing for thin streams of carbonation to be seen. Lacing forms on the glass when you take a sip.
Aroma: Malted barley and toasted bread make up the nose. There is an underlying aroma of a sweet honey and fruit along with a bouquet of floral hops. A slight hint of oxidation can be detected in the smell along with a musty scent
Taste: The flavor begins with a kick of malted sugars and sweetness that is followed by a toasted bread-like taste. There is an appearance of caramel and possibly brown sugar, but the finish is dominated by a slight bitterness from floral hops. Also, Tim detected a ginger and earthy flavor in the finish. As it warms, the flavor takes on a buttery taste/texture that I believe is partially influenced by the medium body.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with assertive carbonation that makes the beer finish crisp. There is a slight aftertaste that lingers for a few seconds.
Overall Impression: Being on somewhat of a porter and stout kick, it's nice to change it up with a lager. Good beer to transition from heavy, spiced, and high alcohol beers of the winter to the light, fruity beers of the summer. Overall this Vinyl Lager is pretty refreshing although for a lager, it was hoppier than I expected.

Tim: 83/100
Jen: 85/100

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