Friday, March 4, 2011

Prima Pils

Tasted Thursday evening while watching Minority Report and eating crackers and cheese. I've been a fan of Victory brewing Co and made it a goal to try whatever I could get, but this was one of the few I somehow managed to pass up every time I headed to pick up a six pack. Fortunately the Binny's in Plainfield had this available in individual bottles.

Appearance: Clear and straw colored with a bright clear color. The look is watery and unflavorful (like most pilsners). Minimal head with a very thin foam right. Looks very still and uneventful except for the occasional carbonation bubble rising to the surface.
Aroma: A very light pungency and lagered smell. Some straw and hay grain elements to the beer. Grassy and herbaceous and extremely floral for a pilsner. It boast some lemon zest undertones as well as an extremely light breadiness with a touch of pear/tart apricot.
Taste: Starts candy sweet as the beer gradually transcends into its primary complexity with a thematic lemon flavor. The hops and the contribution from the yeast make for a spicy and herbal bitter second half that I really have never experienced before. The beer has a warming sensation from the alcohol in comparison to the light pilsen malt used. It graduates into a lemon zest bitterness that then finishes in a strong grassy herbal bitterness. A lot of these beers end on a pungent crisp note, while this beer maintains a lot of complexity. Lemongrass and palm oil.
Mouthfeel: Crisp and clean obviously defines the style, and there isn't too much wiggle room from that. Nevertheless this beer has a strong dry flavor and a mild carbonation making it not overly spiked but very drinkable. Light body and
Overall Impression: The cleanliness of this beer is reminiscent of soap, but is not at all a deterrent. I really liked this beer for its complexity which is pretty uncommon to the strict style guide of pilsners and the difficulty to make them. The grassiness isn't overbearing and complemented well with the lemongrass taste and flavor. The best Pilsner I've had.


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