Thursday, March 3, 2011

Circus Boy

Tasted during the first fifteen minutes of "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell." Tim and I then joined my parents for some cheese and crackers before starting "Minority Report" for the rest of our Thursday night. We've been on a movie kick lately thanks to the convenience and affordability of the local Plainfield Family Video. 2 movies for $1!

Appearance: Color is that of a golden (and slightly orange) hue. Definitely cloudy. Off white frothy head that slowly disappears except for a thin film. Some carbonation can be seen streaming up the side of glass.
Aroma: The smell is a mixture of wheat, yeast, and a slight phenolic aroma. Probably the most noticeable factor is a light citrus aroma, mostly that of tart, sour lemon. Little bit of sweetness from honey possibly.
Taste: Definitely the presence of citrus in the taste originating from lemons and oranges. Yeast is a strong contributing factor to the flavor. Hint of pepper spice near the finish. There is definitely a pungent flavor that envelops the palate and leaves a slightly tart aftertaste in the mouth, specifically on the tongue. Slight bitterness near the end of the finish from the hops used, seems to be made apparent by the carbonation.
Mouthfeel: Medium body that is broken up by the moderate use of carbonation
Overall Impression: Circus Boy is a pretty drinkable beer that is suitable for the summer or even as a good beer to have between boozy beers (recovery beer). The pepper is an interesting component that provides a balance to the wheat, yeast, lemon flavors. Still, compared to other wheat ales we have come across, it finishes a bit flat. Good to drink but nothing special.


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