Monday, March 28, 2011

Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Tasted after a night of studying Social Contract Theory by Lock and Hobbes. I've tried this beer many times, along with most Founders beers, but have never gotten around to logging them. Thanks to Jen for getting this in a assorted six pack from our local Rock Island Hy-vee

Appearance: A turbid oranged amber with a finger of thick foamy white head on top. Lacing is entire on the side of the glass. From the mediocre transparency, one can still note carbonation within.
Aroma: Pine and grapefruit with a mild biscuit malt backbone. The fruity hops take control of this beer in every respect and leave little in the form of grain origin sweetness, though it can still be picked out. I get apricots and orange peel with some elements of citrus and resin.
Taste: Very resinous and sappy. Much of the hop flavor resides in the mid taste and even invades into the foretaste. Still it maintains an element of sweetness underneath an aggressive peppery bitter character. The back of the throat gets spiced and dried out from all the resins. Very floral and pine tree-like with some lemon taste mixed in. Grassy and very bitter. I was surprised at this being as it is a pale ale. Lingering in the aftertaste is a leafy green and peppery flavor.
Mouthfeel: Very smooth and soft feeling. The mild carbonation is nicely integrated to give this beer a medium body with a creamy texture. Some spike to the tip of the tongue and the back roof of the mouth. Finishes very dry.
Overall Impression: Overwhelmingly bitter with somewhat of an uneventful hop flavor. I know Cascade carries with is a very floral but citrusy potential, but I feel this beer just got too much of the alpha acids and not enough of the late boil aromatics. Nevertheless it still quenches a hop heads desires.


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