Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kidd Black Lager

Tasted following a 5 mile tempo run at 5:40/mile through Davenport. It was rainy and cold.

Appearance: Clear brown pour with a foamy 1 finger head. The tan head was quick to dissipate into a film with a soapy bubbly consistency at point. Black in color with zero transparency. Some carbonation visible on the sides as it accumulates upon the side of the glass. To the light it administers a reddened hue with a clarity about it.
Aroma: Toasty and clean with a mild nuttiness and licorice undertone. Some chocolate sweetness and a drying lager element. Some roasted barley makes its way to the nostrils to round out the scent.
Taste: A strong coffee and roasted appeal to this beer. It is clean and crisps with some chocolate sweetness at the forefront. Mid taste draws some toasted elements which quickly transition into a burnt but hoppy bitterness that further complements the beers overall flavor profile. Some woodiness and herbal earthy character as well. The aftertaste is somewhat drawn out with the impurities of molasses to taste as well as some roasted burnt flavors and nut shell tannins. Nevertheless it nicely integrates a wealth of complexity to the palate with a bittersweet flavor.
Mouthfeel: A very lean feel with a sparkly and bubbly body as the carbonation repels the liquid causing a spike to the roof of the mouth as it exits down the throat. The beer leaves a glossy and sticky feeling to finish with a remaining roasted character
Overall Impression: I think of this beer as an entry level stout. It maintains the body of one that is easy drinking but successfully integrates the beginning potential of a mid-line stout. It has a fresh and highly drinkable profile with the irony between bold and light lager.


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