Friday, March 11, 2011

Whirlwind Wit

Found this from the Plainfield Binny's assorted beer bin. I tried this back in March of 2010 when Jen bought a 6 pack from Hy-vee. Oddly enough it was completely flat. We returned it and went through a hassle to do so. Nevertheless I figured I'd give it another shot

Appearance: Golden straw yellow with a lot of flocculated particles floating around, not necessarily contributing haziness but just plain turbidity. There was not really any head to even acknowledge but a bubbly white ring, and not really any visible carbonation either.
Aroma: Quite yeasty with a mild buttery banana smell. Some graininess as well as citrus and the normally occurring farmhouse funkiness. A strong finishing spiciness of clove rounds out the beer, tending to be a lot more bold than most wheat beers I've encountered.
Taste: The beer is sweet and citrusy with a strong honey and wheat backbone. Interestingly enough it also maintains a prominent vanilla character that is melded deeply into the flavor profile.
Mouthfeel: Light body with an overly abundant carbonation. The feel nevertheless was quite crisp and refreshing for a witbier.
Overall Impression: A decent wit, though it was very complex by way of flavor, I thought the vanilla came off too strong. And apologies for the shorter post, but Jen knocked over my near full weissbier vase, leaving one sip left for any last thoughts. Oh well.


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