Monday, March 21, 2011

New Grist Sorghum Beer

Tasted following a 15 mile run and a beer-in-the-shower re-hydration attempt. Tasted alongside the fantastic Mediterranean dinner Jen made. I got this beer out of the fridge at Great river along with 5 others that have been sitting there for quite a while, so hopefully the taste isn't inhibited.

Appearance: A clean and brilliant pale straw color. It looks like it could be a pilsner. There isn't much of a head, but still there remains some spotted white lacing alongside the glass. Bubbly, champagne-like carbonation present among this beers amazingly clear figure.
Aroma: Nondescriptly sweet. Some mild notes of citrus and lemon along with a very faint grain smell. Maybe some apple. There isn't much to say for this category.
Taste: Lemon citrus take a flavor component with a citrus and light fruitiness of apples and other basic fruits like pears or grapes. some yeast is present, but hardly. Some grain-element is tasted but again is faint like the rest of the flavors. The beer pretty obviously boasts a strong sugary backbone, but itself remains nondescript. Finally the beer does finish on a mild hop bittering component that is dry and a bit flowery.
Mouthfeel: Light and drinkable and for the most part refreshing. A bubbly champagne carbonation, but on the lighter side rounds out the texture. Somewhat of a medium bodied texture nevertheless.
Overall Impression: I'd say this beer most likely resembles a light econ-lager based beer like bud-light but crossed with a hard pear or apple cider beverage. I was glad to get around to tasting this beer since it is one of the very few beers that exist in the American craft beer industry that are gluten free (and still called beer). A decent beverage, but nothing I'd personally taste again, unless at the brewery. Certainly a great alternative for those with gluten intolerance...


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