Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Third Stone Brown Ale

Tasted following a 10 mile workout and my first Steeple Chase drills in preparation for Friday's race. I've arranged it so that I can make the tapping of Great River's new beer Hop*a*potamus!

Appearance: Dark turbid brown with a medium clarity around the edges. Head only consists of a foamy ring and some film across the top
Aroma: Toasted malt dominates the nose along with a roasted finish. Some grain and nuts are incorporated among the mostly grainy scent. Touches of hazelnut and chocolate are integrated into undertoned aromas.
Taste: Starts sweet and toasty with a brief nuttiness and a sweet caramel backbone. It then finishes with a mild roastiness and then finally somewhat of a sourness that was deterring in flavor (I suspect this was from the months it spent in the erratically inconsistent fridge. I'd say it is more on the side of stale coffee and nuts than anything. Some overtoned phenols can be tasted in the back of the throat in vapors.
Mouthfeel: Mothfeel is somewhat watery, primarily from the unbalance of flavors. However the body is medium and the carbonation is fine and integrated.
Overall Impression: Generally this was a flavorful brown ale though from its age the sourness was a bit of a drawback. However I can see that this would make a fine ale fresh with the utmost complexity and flavor profile. I especially congratulate the aroma in its appeal. I didn't see much of an excitement about this beer overall.


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