Monday, April 4, 2011

Cocoa Porter

Finished a day of work still feeling a little phlegmy, but went to practice anyway, did an easy run and got home by 6:00. Tasted with a dinner of organic rice and collard greens. Thanks to Greg Maggio for donating this to the blog. My impression of Tommyknocker brewery has been extremely poor because during the summer we paid $17.99 for their craft pack, and ALL the beer was stale. Big time deterrent.

Appearance: Dark molasses brown with a off white foam head that leaves a speckled lacing behinf. Up to the light it has a rubied hue which made me think Caramel/Crystal 60-90L. Relatively inactive within.
Aroma: Earthy and toasted with a huge cocoa chocolate bill. Some roasted elements to it but the main idea here is big time chocolate!
Taste: Strangely chalky that reminds me of a cheap hot chocolate mix with a bunch of lactose crystals and sugar. Very sweet and chocolaty. Underneath, a toasted caramel and bready element holds up under the dominating cocoa malt flavor. Mild honey sweetness while the beer then finishes with a slightly roasted coffee flavor, but it so subtle that it goes hardly notice over the other more prominent flavors. Some residual sweetness remains on the palate with still a cocoa powder taste that is even present in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation that is well integrated creating a smooth and creamy texture. Mid leveled mouthfeel, but still strangely watery.
Overall Impression: Huge chocolate sweetness. So if you like chocolate, this beer is definitely worth a try. Nevertheless something about the beer comes off as watery, even though the feel is smooth and it boasts a huge sweet cocoa flavor. Good, but not my cup


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