Monday, April 4, 2011

Glissade Golden Bock

Tasted following a brief, but aggressive thunderstorm. Notes written while watching League of Extraordinary Men and cooking my lunch for the week. I had seen this beer a couple of times at Binny's but there were always several beers in my list ahead of it. Fortunately Jen picked up an assorted six pack including it.

Appearance: A light golden amber with a strong micro bubble carbonation about it. White foam head is well sustained, even as it dissipates it leaves a complete foam film across the top. Lacing uniformly and entirely covers the sides.
Aroma: Subtly fruity with a light malt character about it. Strong phenols and spices immediately make an impression to the palate upon the finish to me. Earthy undertones. Some wheat citrus parallels the malt base.
Taste: Sweet and uniquely earthy with an underlying spiciness. Malt is reminiscent of honey and biscuits, even to the extent of ginger snaps and mild nuttiness, though nevertheless on a light, but balanced spectrum. However the malt does remain relatively grainy. Hops are apparent from midtaste on out finishing in a peppery character and leaving a sustained grassy flavor in the mouth. Definitely some lemon apparent and floral complexity.
Mouthfeel: Light body though the carbonation softens the mouthfeel to a medium texture and body. The beer finishes extremely dry from a residual hop bitterness. Carbonation is on the medium side.
Overall Impression: A very interesting beer. Extremely complex, though the bitterness is a little overwhelming, especially for a bock beer. I do find the spicing and the malt complexity enticing. Very floral and herbaceous as it warms.


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